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6 Well-being Tips for Entrepreneurs and Freelancers


Here’s a tip from Richard Branson, the founder of one of the world’s most recognisable brands:

Learn to delegate!

It’s difficult to let go of the reins and trust another person with any aspect of your business but it’s often necessary. A great way to get help and not add on to your growing overhead costs will be exploring the possibility of virtual assistants. It definitely works to free up some time, enabling you to concentrate on pressing matters. Task them with handling the pesky items that would otherwise slow you down e.g. booking travel and appointments, managing your schedule, and making sure your paperwork gets signed and filed.

Elz Consultancy, the go-to people for entrepreneurs (yes, you!) who are dying to have a semblance of normalcy in their otherwise chaotic days and never-ending deadlines, does just that! Good news, we’ve got a 25% off their rates just for you!


Eating well is a form of self-respect. We’ve all been guilty of skipping a meal or two, then binging on junk food during late-night hunger pangs (I’m looking at you, 24/7 delivery options!).

You may think that skipping a meal or two in favour of working through a problem or scheduling one more meeting increases the output of your work, but you’re missing out on a key chance to refuel. Meal kits work great whether you’re a 3 square meals a day type of person or enjoy snacking throughout the day, this ensures that you’re getting the nutrients you need to power through your work. Meal kit deliveries are a great way to save time. Depending on the service, you can have a choice between ready-made healthy meals or recipe kits you can assemble yourself!


Here comes the sun and the Beatles say, “It’s all right.” Studies show that Vitamin D plays an important role in regulating moods and warding off depression, the Beatles were right!

Take regular walks outdoor when time permits just to soak up some much-needed Vitamin D! But of course, we can’t be outdoors all the time so a good alternative to get yourself some of this mood-lifting sun is to be in a space with ample sunlight through purposefully built large windows and an alfresco area for when you need some fresh air. The Common Ground boasts these windows in our ground floor unit with sunlight pouring into our common areas and direct access to our alfresco area (there’s wifi here too!).


“The most important relationship is the one you have with yourself.” - Diane Von Furstenberg.

While we are too busy building relationships with our clients and partners, we often forget about ourselves. They take precedence over our own wants and needs. If tables were turned, would you treat yourself the same way you treat a client? Chances are that you wouldn’t bail on a client at the last minute, so how is it acceptable to do it to yourself? Treat your “me time” the same way you would an important meeting, and use that time to exercise, meditate, take a walk, eat a healthy meal, do what you need to do to take a mental and physical break, then get back to the hustle.


Did you know that exercising increases the number of endorphins released into your body and increases productivity? Taking the time for a short workout can help you take on the challenges of the day. Morning workouts ensure you start the day with an extra pep in your step, a mid-day sweat break can help you recharge your batteries to tackle the afternoon, and an evening session can help release the day’s tensions.

Join us for a session of Piloxing in the afternoon to add some action to your day at Terra, our shared fitness space at 20% off! (U.P. $17.50 per session). Register your interest here!


According to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, love and belonging ranks third. Humans are social creatures that crave interaction with others to satisfy the need of a community. When deprived of these needs, individuals may experience loneliness or depression.

Co-working spaces create a great networking opportunity, exchanging of ideas, business growth, and forming friendships by spending time with like-minded individuals, achieving a sense of belonging. Freelancers, entrepreneurs, creatives, and corporates (increasingly!) can benefit from a co-working space. Chat with a coworker over morning coffee, share a table with a potential partner, bounce ideas off each other over lunch - that’s how your day will look like in a co-working space.


Speak to us to find out how The Common Ground can play a part in increasing your productivity by being in a conducive environment!

We’re running a promotion right now and we’d be happy to provide a suitable workspace solution for you and your team.

Speak to us today or call us at 6909 9989!

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